Jay wont come back officially !!!!

posted on 25 Feb 2010 19:54 by 0goong0

Whatever you did in the AAA period.. Cant it be forgiven ? even your brother accepted it that was totally wrong. What was that?

I dont know that JYPE set it up again or you're so honest to tell the wrong thing to him.

I love you Jay... this is what I can say. Hope you're happy with your family and AOM crews.

Even out of sight.. never out of mind.  

Good bye this blog... Good bye everyone. I'm not a hottest anymore. I'm Jay Park and AOM's fan officially   

If we have chance, we might come back to be together again. Thanks 2pm, Thanks everyone.

updated: JYPE website is down and there is a rumor all over Korea about Jay's sex tape while AAA promote. 800 Hottests left fanclub in half an hour. There is also a prediction that why this annoucement is released before the fan meeting, the jype's website might be hacked by haters. Sorry to type in English coz it's faster for me. I'll take an hour for Thai.

The annoucement said that JYPE planed to let Jay back in Feb before new album but one day in Jan, Jay called to JYP and confessed something that cant be forgiven and it's bigger than the Myspace issue and no one can forgive this if this is leak out there. So JYP decided that Jay wont come back. OMG, I cant believe that JYP gave Jay a bad name even in the last announcement. JYPE throw the trash and all blame to Jay even in the last minute.  

updated: 2000 hottests resigned from fan club in 1 hour. I guess it's daum cafe.  





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เจวายพี ใจร้ายมากๆ

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จากนี้ไปเจอของจริงแน่ๆ ทั้ง2PM ทั้ง JYP

ตุ๊ดมาก เล่ากั๊ก โยนความผิด เอาดีเข้าตัว

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ไม่อยากเชื่อว่าจะเหลือแค่ 6 คน

Even out of sight.. never out of mind.

i DO agree !!

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